Monday, 13 February 2012


Rib cage T-shirt
I Think Rosalind looks lovely  in this rib cage T-shirt i made for a party! Even her own striped trousers work well in this look! I hope you like it too!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Taka Naka

“I could have danced all night” a running theme from Tata Naka fashion week collection.

The true sister act Tamara and Natasha Surguladze come together to create a designer name of Taka Naka, the twin sisters childhood nick names an obvious choice for a brand. Graduating from Central St Martins in 2000 the sisters went on to create a brand that reflected simple, clean and elegant women’s clothing. Along with completely original digital prints that reflect quirky memories from their shared past.  As there brand has grown the twins have branched out touching in designs of jewellery, swimwear, scarf’s and children’s wear.

Inspiration for the sister’s collection shown in London fashion week comes from the movement and silhouette of dance. The Taka Naka woman is said to be “[...] adventurous and romantic, with great sense of humour. She doesn’t need to follow the trends but is capable of creating her own unique style.” Truly keeping their designs original they create there own in-house prints from paintings and photography, I feel this makes there design very original and beautiful. They source ideas by “[...] spending a lot of time in libraries and the textile archive at A&V. Trips to antique fairs and art exhibition [...]” Because of this rich income of research from strong resources has reflected on an absolutely feminine and desirable collection of clothing. Not only will the Taka Naka woman want a piece but any woman who loves that fun retro twist.

Taka Naka showed there new collection on Tuesday 21st of September in the Portico Rooms 2011. Inspired by dancers the clothing conveyed the movement of gauzy chiffon trains finished dresses as the models moved. In contrast with the firm structure of the heaver fabric adding a theatrical spin on designs. Through flashes of skin peeking through high waited skirts and crop tops making the collection have that fantastic retro inspired femininity.

I love it!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Street Art Barcelona

A long weekend in Barcelona cant go with out snapping a few lovely images of the graffiti round the Gothic area that i stayed. I thought it would be nice to share some of the best with you!

Smelt bad but i like the image

 Made me think of a Geisha Olive
(as in Popeye the sailor man and his lady friend Olive Oil)

I really lived this tribal face!

I hope that you like the Images!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Local gallerys

My town in Orkney is small and quiet during the winter, during summer you have the lively hum of the tourist season but all year round i feel that we have a great art community. The Pier Arts Center is a newly renovated building with a beautiful space for works. In the main exhibition area there is a show on by Scottish artist Jim Lambie. I just thought this show was very worth mentioning!
 I just think the floor is so cool and mesmerizing. I wish i had a photo of a battle helmet sprayed fluorescent green encased in glitter spotted resin. AMAZING

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Let them eat COLOUR CAKE

As one of my good friends was away for his birthday party we decided to have a mini dinner meeting for him. We thought it would be nice to keep things a surprise... till he called and said he couldn't make it, so the ball was dropped there. Eventually we decided to tell him of the lovely wee get together. But to the point The cake that was made for him was AMAZING!!!!!

The candles just out on the Smartie encrusted cake!

From the outside amazingly colourfull...
But from the inside more COLOURFULL

I just thought that it was well worth mentioning!